Pari: You know that none of them are single (Pari’s costars)
Niranjan: Yes Sid is single
Pari: I think you should hook us up now

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This is SId in Florida. Now don’t get me wrong but I know this girl next to him. I’ve seen this face once or twice or a billion times!

One day we will get a proper picture of them again. And then we’ll all scream and drown in feels.

Till then we have to live with THIS


I wasn’t sure, but after I edited a lot of times (I had like 20 versions) I’m 99.9999% sure it’s her or their is another woman with this smile, the nose n those cheeks.
But isn’t it sad n frustrating that we can’t be sure?

Someone told me it was his manager! And i have not seen his manager! Ugh! :’(

Isn’t this his manager?

Somebody figure this out. I know someone on tumblr can.

that picture above is one taken at the dharma office recently with a woman who either works there or who’s husband works there (the guy who took the picture)

i think this is his manager- she was even sitting next to pari during the magic of the movies awards in tampa. she’s wearing a black shirt and pari’s got her left arm around her neck.

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Black Lady


Paring: Sid&Pari
Prompt: Niqi’s tags on a picture of Sid taking Pari onto the stage during iifa.
Foreword: This is really, really, really cheesy. Not sure if I did it justice. Feedback is appreciated!

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I love this song.

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Sidharth Malhotra - Filmfare, August 2014 on Alia, Parineeti and Shraddha

Emotionally I share a great bond with Alia. Your first film will always be your first film. Even if we dont meet we’d still have this warmths and we’d still wish each other well. We’ll be protective about each other. Such…